Crypto Games

A series of games integrated with Zebedee that offer players a chance to win SATS (Satoshi token) through gameplay and withdraw to their Zebedee wallet.

Wheel of Trivia Unity/AWS, Lead Developer, iOS and Android

Trivia Spin Unity/AWS, Support Developer, iOS and Android

Amazeballs Unity/AWS, Lead Developer, iOS and Android

Balls King Unity/AWS, Support Developer, iOS and Android

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Unity/AWS, Support Developer, iOS and Android

IP games

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Unity/AWS, Support Developer, iOS and Android

Lemonheads Unity, Support Developer, iOS and Android

Day / Royale Games

A series of Free-to-Earn games offering players a chance to earn ‘tokens’ in game that could be exchanged for real money after accumulating a certain amount.

Spin Day Unity/AWS, Lead Developer. iOS and Android

Spin Royale Unity/AWS, Lead Developer. iOS and Android

Spin King Unity/AWS, Lead Developer, iOS and Android

Super Royale Unity/AWS, Lead Developer. iOS and Android

Scratch Day, Scratch Royale, Lotto Day, Quiz Day Unity/AWS, Support Developer. iOS and Android

Jackpot Maze Unity/AWS, Lead Developer. iOS and Android

Other Games

Lost Letters Unity, Lead Developer, iOS and Android

Woody 2048 Unity, Lead Developer, iOS and Android

Missing Letters Unity, Support Developer, iOS and Android

Deckheads Unity, Support Developer, iOS and Android


Colour Drift Unity, Lead Developer. iOS and Android 

Blocky POP! Unity, Lead Developer. Android


Viker Framework v1 Unity, Lead Developer
First version of our internal framework for use with Day/Royale Games, aimed to provide a base project with most of the common functionality (Login / earning / cashout) in place so that the development team could focus on the gameplay mechanics and new features. Deployed as a submodule and used in Spin Day / Super Royale / Spin King 

Viker Framework v2 Unity, Lead Developer

Revision of our internal framework for use with all Viker titles, offering a central common package and a number of modules that can be loaded in independent of one another for useful game features (eg. In-game popups, events, crypto). Deployed through git repo and imported through unity package manager


2x Pitch Prototypes Unity, Contract Developer, iOS and Android
Worked on 2 prototypes as part of a 6 week contract to create playable prototypes that would be used to pitch towards a major IP. 



Resource Force Unity. Lead Developer. iOS and Android.
A community policing awareness game which puts players in control of their local police station, working to solve local crimes and keeping the city safe
My Role
As the lead developer, I was involved in the whole process of developing this game, from designing the game from the ground up to release, with responsibility over all aspects of the game and point of contact for any feature requests or changes
Photo Challenge Unity, .NET. Lead Developer. iOS and Android
A team based game where players must compete using their real time location and mobile phone camera to protect their city against crimes and hazards.
My Role
Worked on all parts of the game and was a key part in the design and development process, including work on the .NET backend used for storing player data and photos
Pushy Paddles Unity. Lead Developer. iOS, Android, PC and WebGL.
A Cooperative maths game where 3 players must work together to navigate the course whilst completing maths problems. Reach the chest to receive your reward.
My Role
Created this game as part of a game jam using AirConsole with multiplayer cooperation in mind, developed further after initial prototype using UNET into a cooperative maths game for kids aged 7-11, also worked on the single player port for mobile devices
Face Your Feelings Unity. Lead Developer. iOS and Android.
A party game where you must show emotions on demand and in a limited amount of time in an elimination game. The fastest and most expressive player wins!
My Role
Created as part of a game jam developing games using facial recognition software. Used Affectiva to recognise players’ emotions and integrate into unity in a quick and simple gameplay mechanic. Developed within 48 hours
Sports Team Manager Unity. Developer. PC and Android.
Manage a dynamic sailing team and try to win races, each member in the team will have different relationships and dynamics between each other and the manager, each reflected in their performance during the race.
My Role
Worked with the art team to create avatars that are used throughout the game and have unique stance and build based on each NPCs stats and opinions of the manager. Helped test and develop gameplay mechanics
IT Alert! Unity, .NET. Developer. PC.
A system admin, network protection, cooperative survival game where players defend a computer network from cyber threats by coordinating themselves and utilising software themed tools.
My Role
Added player tracking feature which tracks all the player actions, providing each with a title based on their biggest input to the team and a breakdown of all their inputs over the course of the game. Provided help with optimising the UI and UX to make the game flow much smoother.
Space Modules Inc. Unity. Developer. PC, iOS and Android.
A game where players must help customers to resolve issues with hardware on a space ship in a problem solving game where players must manage anger and impatience.
My Role
Helped develop the mobile version of the game, optimising the game for iOS and Android and working closely with the NPC asset developers to make sure that any changes we needed to make the game run on android were also changed in the core asset.


SUGAR .NET. Developer.
An SDK developed to make adding social gamification mechanics to new and existing games quick and easy.
My Role
Worked alongside other developers to create a more streamlined experience and optimise the system, helped with the addition of resource management between users and groups, refined achievements, leaderboards, skills and permissions. Created documentation including quick start guides.


Resource Force Authoring Tool AngularJs. Lead Developer. Web Application.
A web tool for creating and managing content in the live version of Resource Force, allowing anyone to log in and start creating content for their area. Once content is validated and approved, content is available in game immediately
My Role
Acting on response from testers that they would like to be able to add their own content to the game, it was decided this tool would be created, working on the front end in AngularJS and the .NET backend, I was in charge of the whole process including development, deployment and integration into the main game
SUGAR Admin Panel AngularJs. Lead Developer. Web Application.
A dedicated admin panel for SUGAR, which simplifies the game and metadata creation process and also provides an easy way to manage existing games and resources.
My Role
In charge of implementing SUGAR features into the admin panel and updating for any changes made to the API, was my responsibility to make sure the tool was accessible to all developers and make sure that features were accurately represented as they should be and permissions were respected.
SUGAR Unity Client Unity. Developer.
A Unity asset that provides example code and UI for Unity, making it clear how SUGAR functionality can be added to your game and the features it offers.
My Role
Helped to keep the unity asset updated with changes to SUGAR, keeping documentation updated for newest features and changes to SUGAR. Created UI elements for features in SUGAR and making sure that they are easy to understand for developers of all levels


CSR 2 Unity, Support Developer. Helped to optimise loading between garage scenes and adding small features to multiplayer battles. iOS and Android.

Race Team Manager Unity, Developer. Worked on an update to allow for alternate racing controls for players who struggled with tilt controls. iOS and Android.

Hollyoaks: The Game Unity, Developer. Worked on an update for the exitsing game to add new episodes. iOS and Android.

Gogglebox: The Game Unity, Developer. Match 3 game for gogglebox including key phrases from the TV show. iOS and Android

Seagull Swipe Unity, Developer. Endless runner game where you play as a seagull and must steal food and avoid vehicles. iOS and Android.

Democracy: The Board Game Unity, Lead Developer. Mobile recreation of the physical board game. iOS.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures Unity, Developer. Worked on the Wii U port for the game, previously available on PC, iOS and Android.

Jellyflug Antibody Assault Unity, Developer. Endless survival game using features from Jellyflug Micro Adventures. iOS and Android

Chicken Jumper Unity, Developer. Endless runner game created as part of a game design competition with a local school.